“Affordable Media & Marketing to enhance your business, organization, or ministry and its identity”

Re-centering Multimedia on the Kingdom of God

Tapestry Vision Media group is a resource for all five areas of influence within the community:  Business, Education, Government, Social and Family.  Our purpose is to assist you in achieving your Purpose, Vision and Mission by providing all forms of media & marketing services.

Our team provides state-of-the-art media & marketing services and products to hundreds of small businesses, organizations, and ministries.  We will work diligently – and with excellence – to enhance and further expand your business, organization, or ministry while providing strategic planning and implementation from launch to expansion.  We are all about your growth!

We’d love to help you with:


Tapestry Vision Media has extensive experience in Christian Movie & Television Video – from Pre-Production & Production to Post-Production to Distribution & Marketing and from church-produced mini-budget to Hollywood-level production. We’d love to help you!


Tapestry Vision Media has extensive experience in Radio & Audio – from national Network Radio development & distribution to local and online Radio Broadcasting. We’ve worked with music formats to talk formats and in all aspects of Radio. We’d love to help you!


Tapestry Vision Media has extensive experience in Digital & Online as well as in Social Media & SEO. From organizations needing their very first website to site development for major multi-national ministries – we’re all about online.  We’d love to help you!


Tapestry Vision Media is experienced in event & campaign development and management. From theme cruises for major cruise lines to world Class events and major marketing campaigns, we’re at the point or adding support with excellence.  We’d love to help you!

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